Certified Education Center Network

What is a Certified Education Center?

A community college, technical college, university, trade school or technical high school that offers a curriculum to prepare people for careers in metal manufacturing (preferably metal fabrication or welding) can partner with FMA and become a Certified Education Center (CEC).

A CEC is a company level member of the FMA and receives a special package of benefits accorded only to educators. A CEC is recognized by FMA to offer exemplary programs, facilities and instruction. These educational institutions are engaged in a mission to interest today’s young people in pursuing careers in the metal forming and fabricating industry.

Why Would a School Become a CEC?

The faculty and administrators engaged in manufacturing technology at CECs are offered free training by industry professionals to support their own professional development. In addition, they receive curriculum support, assistance in securing equipment, and acknowledgement on the FMA web site and in FMA publications. CECs can host the Fundamentals of Metal Fabrication certificate program for their students. In addition, they may host an FMA technical training program annually, and offer specialty training to meet the needs of their local employer base. CEC members are able to utilize all of the discount programs accorded to Advantage-level member companies as well, including discounts on store purchases, UPS and YRC shipping, energy audits, and group purchasing discounts.


 Current Certified Education Centers

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“Being associated with FMA as a Certified Educational Center and its Nuts, Bolts and Thingamajigs Foundation has been the best thing for Triton College.  We complement each other in that our goal is to serve students entering the manufacturing world and NBT is about helping us bridge to the companies that want to hire these students.  Having access to the certifications for the students is invaluable and the exams do test real skills that companies are looking to hire.  On the summer camp end of things, NBT has it right about making sure we do engage our youth and introduce them to the world of manufacturing.  We can’t have students become certified and hirable if we don’t have a pipeline of interested young people who want to get into our programs to begin with.  The NBT summer camps do this for us.”

Antigone Sharris,
Coordinator, Engineering Technology
Triton College


Next Steps

If you are currently employed at a college that may qualify to become a Certified Education Center, contact the FMA program director, Ann Schneider at anns@fmanet.org or call 888-394-4362 for more information.


An FMA Certified Education Center will benefit from:

  1. Networking and benchmarking opportunities with industry peers at events and through member communications such as newsletters
  2. Access to FMA’s Precision Sheet Metal Operator (PSMO) Certification program including:
    • one (1) complimentary exam for CEC faculty member per year
    • substantial discount on exam for other CEC faculty and staff
    • student discounts on exams.
  3. FREE annual subscription to FMA’s Metal Fabrication Basics Certificate exam for students.
  4. Complimentary registration for CEC Council members at the annual T.E.A.M. Summit, an annual event produced by the CEC Council
  5. Complimentary registration at FMA/TPA conference events for CEC teaching faculty (co-sponsored events such as the FABTECH conference not applicable)
  6. Complimentary access to all FMA e-learning modules and other online training materials including all recorded FABCASTS
  7. Listing of your school as a Certified Education Center on the FMA website and in FMA trade publications(The Fabricator, Tube & Pipe Journal, Stamping Journal, and Practical Welding Today)
  8. Complimentary subscription to all FMA trade publications for your school’s library
  9. A 20% discount on all training and resource materials purchased through the FMA Store and free evaluation copies of materials being considered for classroom use as available
  10. Fabrication curriculum support, as available
  11. Assistance with contacts to secure fabrication equipment on consignment or as donations
  12. Preference given to scholarship applicants for NBT scholarship program


An FMA Certified Education Center must:

  1. Offer fabrication or related technology curriculum
  2. Have at least one (1) faculty member who is FMA Certified as a PSMO or is working to become certified.
  3. Have fabrication equipment or demonstrate plans to acquire it
  4. Allow FMA to utilize classroom space at no cost for FMA training programs (scheduled with CEC approval)
  5. Be willing and have the capability to serve as a testing site for delivery of FMA’s Certification exam(s)
  6. Participate in at least one (1) FMA-sponsored networking or educational event per year – includes participating in industry surveys, as appropriate
  7. Display FMA Certified Education Center designation with FMA’s logo (and web link) on your school’s website and other marketing materials, as appropriate

Manufacturing Summer Camps

Many CECs run summer manufacturing camps each year that inspire young people in junior high and high school to prepare for manufacturing careers. All CECs are encouraged to apply for a grant from the FMA’s Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs foundation to begin a regular summer manufacturing camp program.

Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs Foundation Scholarships

Students planning to attend CEC schools are encouraged to apply for the scholarships offered by NBT, the foundation of FMA. The scholarship program focuses primarily on students who are attending community and technical colleges to pursue programs leading to careers in manufacturing. Preference is given to scholarship applications for study at CECs.


CEC fees cover all manufacturing-related faculty and staff members:
$150 annual fee for FMA Advantage membership – single campus ($800 savings)
$250 annual fee for FMA Advantage membership – multiple campuses ($700 savings)

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