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Dr. Chris Kuehl
FMA’s Economic Analyst
Founder of Armada
Corporate Intelligence.

Understand the Complexities of the Economy & Its Impact on Business

Fabrinomics® provides members with twice monthly summaries of current relevant business and economic stories accompanied by commentary that interprets how this news can affect your business decisions. It delivers only the news that matters to manufacturers without the hype typically found in consumer news media.

Fabrinomics is authored by Dr. Chris Kuehl, FMA’s economic analyst and founder of Armada Corporate Intelligence.  In addition to responding to current news stories, Dr. Kuehl also provides original content that speaks directly to manufacturers and their decision-making concerns.



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Dr. Kuehl also writes frequent white papers to provide in-depth coverage of topics that influence manufacturing decisions. Download free white papers.

Want more depth, analysis and strategy?

If you desire a more comprehensive and strategic view of global issues ranging from commodities to the impact of weather on global supply chains and more, Dr. Kuehl’s company, Armada Corporate Intelligence, offers their Executive Intelligence Briefing System to FMA members at a significant discount.

Fabrinomics is a benefit for members of FMA and TPA.  It is intended to be shared with other employees within those member companies.

If you see an article you’d like to share with colleagues at other companies or another organization, please do so for only a single article at a time. Excerpts must be accredited to FMA.  No more than one article from each issue may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the express written permission of the publisher.