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Roll Forming Handbook

Roll Forming Handbook

Product code:  TAFRFH

Title: Roll Forming Handbook

Edited by: George Halmos

Year Published: 2005

Description: The Roll Forming Handbook presents the first comprehensive, dedicated treatment of all facets of roll forming. This book spans from conception of the roll forming operation, purchasing and specifying equipment, and roll design to maintenance, troubleshooting, safety, and operator training. Detailed discussions reveal how material, equipment, tooling, and operator factors affect overall efficiency and product quality. Expert contributors share insights based on many years of hard-won experience, including effects of secondary operations such as punching, embossing, curving and cutting in the line; designing products for efficient roll forming; mechanical properties of metals, lubrication and the influence of coatings on roll design and forming; and mathematical simulations of various deformations that occur during processing to determine their causes and find a solution.

  • Includes real-world case studies, recommendations for efficient plant layout and material handling as well as hundreds of illustrations and references
  • Explains the principles and methods of manual and computer-aided roll design and tool setup
  • Supplies equations to calculate number of passes, shaft diameters, and bending factors, published here for the first time
  • Presents guidelines for training personnel as well as for performing troubleshooting and maintenance

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