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FabCast - Leveling Flat Rolled Matl for Operators

FabCast - Leveling Flat Rolled Matl for Operators

Product code: FMAFE5

Format: Windows Media File
Recording Date: Oct. 14, 2009

Description: Whether you are bending, forming, slitting, cutting, or coating sheet or plate, the material has to be flat with minimal shape defects. If it's not, then the parts can't be made. However, when the material comes off the mill, the material is anything but flat. It can contain differentials in thickness and length, twist, and camber, and different degrees of edge waves and center buckles. Even if the mill does get it right, any process that is applied to the material, such as annealing, slitting, or any form of forming, will affect the flatness and overall shape of that material. With all these variables, how do you achieve flatness, and once it's flat, maintain that flatness?

In this 2.5 hour archived recording leveling epert Eric Theis, Consultants to the Industry, will show you how you can not only preserve flatness through your coil processing operations, but you an actually improve it. He'll explain the cause of common shape defects and provide solutions on how to control and eliminate them. He'll also explain the differences between tension, stretch, and roller leveling. You'll develop a better understanding of the equipment options available to help you improve the flatness and stability of your sheets, plates, and slit coils.


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