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FabCast - Basic Die Protection

FabCast - Basic Die Protection

Product code: FMAFE56

Title: FabCast:  Basic Die Protection

Author:  Greg Dickerson
Presented:  2010

Description: Protect your press and dies from costly die crashes!

A good stamping die can cost thousands of dollars, if not more, depending on your operations and what material you are stamping.  It only takes on stroke of the press for everything to go wrong.  A punch could prematurely crack, a spring could break, the part cold fail to eject, and too much material could be fed into your press, and your die could be cruched to pieces.  Not only that, your press could be damaged.  What are you doing to protect your stamping dies?

The best way to protect your dies is to install basic die protection.  These sensors will indicate that something is wrong or out of the ordinary and stop the press before any damage can occur.  However, there are different levels of protection.  In this 90 minute FabCast, Greg Dickerson will introduce you to basic die protection and how you can apply it to your metal stamping process.


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