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Introduction to Tube & Pipe Bending Operations - Classroom Pkg

Introduction to Tube & Pipe Bending Operations - Classroom Pkg

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Includes CD-ROM, presentation slides, Instructor's Guide, and one Student Handbook (Additional Student Handbooks $30 each)

This instructional program provides interactive training in tube bending. It introduces the principles behind bending and provides an in-depth look at the rotary draw bending method. The training is delivered through audio instruction, diagrams, photographs, simulations, and interactive questions.

Whether you're bending your first tube or simply want to improve the bend quality of your tube or pipe, The Introduction to Tube & Pipe Bending Operations will advance your knowledge. Beginners will learn about the mechanical properties of metal that make bending possible, usage and setup procedure for each tool employed in the rotary draw bending method, and how to recognize and correct common bend defects. Experienced operators can refresh their bending knowledge and learn new ways to troubleshoot defects.

The Classroom Package includes the CD-ROM, presentation slides, Instructor's Guide, and one Student Handbook. The Student Handbook contains review/discussion questions for each unit and a printed version of the final exam. Answers to both the Student Handbook review/discussion questions and the final exam questions are found in the Instructor's Guide. The final exam can be given on paper or as a CD-based interactive test.

Those who order the Classroom Package are entitled to purchase additional Student Handbooks for $30.00 each. Extra handbooks can be ordered by contacting customer service at 815-399-8775 or emailing them at

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Tubes and Their Properties
  • Introduction to Bending
  • Tooling Functions
  • Tool Mounting and Tool Setup
  • Bend Quality
  • Adding Tools
  • Adding the Final Tool

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