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Fundamentals of Tube Mill Operations: Classroom Pkg

Fundamentals of Tube Mill Operations:  Classroom Pkg

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A PowerPoint presentation is available for classroom instructors so that they have the option of delivering a facilitated presentation and discussion. A student handbook and instructor's guide round out the package. The final exam can be given on paper or as a CD-ROM based interactive test. The Student Handbook contains review/discussion questions for each unit and a printed version of the final exam. Answers to both the student handbook review/discussion questions and the final exam questions are found in the Instructor's Guide.

Those who order the Classroom Package are entitled to purchase additional Student Workbooks for $30.00 each. Extra workbooks can be ordered by contacting customer service at 815-399-8775 or emailing them at

See also FMATMC. Fundamentals of Tube Mill Operations – Self Study Package for individual use.


Unit 1: Introduction to Tubes What is a tube?

  • Diameter, Gauge, Material General Tube Mill Safety

Unit 2: The Master Coil

  • Receiving
  • Storage & Handling
  • Slitting

Unit 3: Tube Mill Entry

  • Inventory Control Tags
  • Simple Start/Stop Entry
  • Continuous Entry
  • Coil End Joining
  • Uncoiling Mandrels

Unit 4: Tube Forming

  • Workrolls
  • Gear Boxes
  • Driven Pass
  • Idle Pass
  • Forming Pass
  • Breakdown Pass
  • Fin Pass
  • The Forming Flower

Unit 5: Welding

  • Induction Welding
  • The Weld Squeeze Box
  • Impeders
  • The "V" Zone
  • Cast Welds, Forged Welds
  • Scarfing, Bead Winding

Unit 6: Producing the Final Shape

  • Cooling & Lubricating the Tube
  • Tooling Set-up Charts
  • Resizing the Tube
  • Reshaping the Tube

Unit 7: Tube Mill Exit

  • Cutoff
  • Single and Double Cut Dies
  • Matching Line Speed
  • Die Accelerators

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