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Innovate Like Edison

Innovate Like Edison

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Title: Innovate Like Edison

Authors: Sarah Miller Caldicott, Michael Gelb

Year published: 2007

Description: Best selling authors Michael Gelb and Sarah Miller Caldicott, MBA and great-grandniece of Thomas Edison, apply the best practices of this American genius to contemporary business situations to helpyou apply your creative potential. With their illuminating insight and unique expertise, Gelb and Caldicott introduce a carefully researched, easy-to-apply system of the five success secrets inspired by the creative methods of Thomas Alva Edison.  These secrets provide the tools and strategies you need to compete and win in the business world, and in everyday life.

The book reveals Edison's Competencies of Innovation and enables you to:

  1. develop the mindset of an innovator
  2. solve problems creatively from new angles, designing entirely new context for solutions
  3. develop high impact business models and brands
  4. design successful collaboration teams
  5. nurture adaptive thinking and the ability to see patterns

Each chapter contains powerful exercises allowing you and your teams to explore themes in each of Edison's five competencies.

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