Roll Forming Council

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Roll Forming Technology Council is to encourage and support the dissemination of technical information through educational programs, to promote the Roll Forming Industry and to provide a forum for sharing technology in order to improve the quality and productivity of the roll forming process.


  • Brian L Rodgers (Chairman) - Roll Forming Corp
  • Paul Tiefenthal (Vice Chairman) - Shape Corp
  • Andrew Allman - AMS Controls Inc
  • Joe Beck - Beck Automation
  • Kevin R Dierking - Roll Forming Corp
  • Ryan Durst - Bradbury Co Inc
  • Steve Ebel - Roll Form Solutions Inc
  • David Kinnard - Tower Oil & Technology Co
  • Michael McGuire - Novus Machine Group
  • Scott McMeekan - Ferret Inc
  • Brian Oxley - Shape Corp
  • Chuck Summerhill - TEKFAB Inc
  • Mark Volkmann - Metform International Ltd
  • Dave Voth
  • Paul J Williams - FORMTEK Inc

FMA Staff Liaison

Audrey Long - Senior Education Products and Customer Service Manager


If you are interested in volunteering on this council please contact Audrey Long by phone at 815-227-8206 or by e-mail at