Certification and Certificate Programs


Verify and Validate Skills and Knowledge!

In order to address the skilled workers shortage, FMA has assembled some of the metal fabricating industry’s best experts in today’s essential metal manufacturing technologies to develop curriculum and criteria to verify and validate critical skills.

FMA’s certification and certificate programs can help employers and employees verify skills developed through training and validate skills and knowledge learned through on-the-job experience.


A ‘certification program’ is independent of a predefined curriculum and instead based on an individual’s existing knowledge or skills. The assessment tool or test will have accompanying support materials, but those seeking to become certified are not required to complete course work.

Certificate Programs

A ‘certificate program’ is associated with a specific course. The certificate could be an assessment tool or simply a documentation of course participation. Certificates are based on a predefined or developed curriculum.

Precision Sheet Metal Operator (PSMO) Certification Exam

FMA’s PSMO Certification is the metal fabricating industry’s only comprehensive exam designed to assess a candidate’s knowledge of fundamental precision sheet metal operations.


Coil Processing Certificate Program

Lasers 101 Certificate Program

Press Brake Certificate Program

Press Brake Safeguarding Certificate Program

Roll Forming Certificate Program


Fundamentals of Metal Fabrication Certificate