Precision Press Brake Certificate

  • Learn the math calculations for determining accurate bend deductions
  • Select the proper forming method and tooling for the material and product
  • Recognize industry terms and use a common language
  • Earn an industry-recognized credential in precision press brake operation

Master the fundamentals of precision sheet metal bending with an understanding of the math, the equipment, and the tools of the trade!


This intensive two-day seminar will teach you the theory and math fundamentals behind the machine to uncover the secrets to working with press brakes. You’ll understand the principles behind quality sheet metal bending through interactive instruction and sample work problems throughout the course. Through easy-to-understand exercises, you will learn the skills needed to calculate accurate bend deductions, select the best tooling for the job, and determine the correct v-die opening to avoid part distortion.  Our expert instructor will guide you through the fundamentals of press brake operation and you’ll gain knowledge in these basic concepts:

  • related metal fabrication terminology
  • blueprint interpretation
  • different forming methods and how each relates to bend type
  • proper use of hand tools
  • inspection and quality practices
  • maintaining a safe working environment

See the full list of Learning Objectives.

This two-day course runs from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. each day. The schedule includes classroom training (see course outline below), equipment demonstration, and certificate testing at the end of the second day.

The class content includes:

  • Bend Functions (Mathematics behind bend radii and how it relates to forming)
  • Flat Pattern & Blueprints (Blueprint interpretation for layout and forming)
  • Press Brakes and Methods (Types of machines and forming methods)
  • Press Brake Punches
  • Press Brake Dies (Die selection; forming methods and their effect on radii; relieved dies, tool care and limits)
  • Forming Order (Selection and application of effective forming strategies)
  • Bottom Bending (The art and fundamentals of bottom bending; proper tool selection and the safe use of this method)
  • Press Brake Safety (Safe press brake operation and safeguarding methods)
  • Other Tools and Methods (Other operations performed on a press brake: deep box, urethane, off-set tools and bump radius)

Cost: $495 Members/$695 General

The cost of the two-day course includes lunch on both days; course materials including terms, definitions and formulas; and certificate testing at completion of course. In addition participants receive a copy of Metal Fabrication: A Practical Guide ($62.50 value).


This course is designed for:

  • Metal fabrication operators with at least 6 months experience
  • New and minimally skilled press brake operators
  • Experienced operators, engineers, designers, or programmers who want to improve their skills on the press brake

Prerequisites: You must pass an online pre-assessment quiz (20 questions) in order to register for the class.



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PSMO Certification renewal credits = 16

Onsite Press Brake Training!

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